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This techno-mythological fabulation was created by Juan Pablo Pacheco Bejarano in the company of conversations with and ideas from Nicole Starosielski, Heather Davis, Jussi Parikka, Karen Barad, Catherine Malabou, Sarah Kember, Joanna Żylińska, Donna Haraway, Julia Bande, Juaniko Moreno, TianQi (天琪), Johanna N.J. Weston, Priscilla Carrillo-Barragan, Thomas D. Linley, William D.K. Reid, and Alan J. Jamieson.

The 3D modelling was done in collaboration with Czarina Calinawagan, and the interactive web platform was programmed by Facundo Hidalgo.

Coated in black oily myelin, Plasticus’ neural antennae create synaptic bridges with the internet’s fiber optic cables that snake like Medusa’s hairs at the ocean floor
The tentacular goddess of the underworld and the internet’s fiber optics are symbiogenetic beings
Their worlding plasticity is boundless; similar to their distant cousin Ideonella sakaiensis, Plasticus’ outer membranes ferment material and immaterial debris into compost into oro into luz into pensamiento
Cada vez que Plasticus desea sentir los mundos vitales del planeta, she performs a quantic dive y se funde con las fibras nerviosas de los inframundos orgánico y digital: habla mil lenguas y asume mil rostros
Plasticus guards the frontier between the visible and the invisible, casting hydrothermal shadows on our submarine sensing devices
If you tune in to their telepathic soundwaves, you can hear fishing trawlers and submarine plumes exploring the ocean floor in search of new mining ventures to fuel the networks of extractive technology
La razón colonial mueve sus tentáculos técnicos cada vez más rápido desde la superficie terrestre de la Tierra hasta sus profundidades húmedas
Hyperocean > Hypertext > Hyperdeath
Their eyes, poisoned with mercury seeping from mines across the world, son mercurio, hermes, el origen y carrier of the underworld’s black gold, which morphs into petrol gas, into computers, into fibra óptica
From colonial shipwrecks filled with metales sagrados amerindios to the e-waste produced by the information era, Plasticus se alimenta de las ofrendas de la catástrofe
They were born in the submarine silk roads, 丝绸之路, the digital El Dorado, crawling from the depths of the ocean’s nightmares into golden coasts glittering with eroded metals
Su peso es incalculable, sólo comparable al de todos los datos extraídos de los océanos de información, the new century’s gold
The golden goddess of the digital underworld is worshiped by ghosts and critters of the deep sea, who ask in songs: can we make kin with plastics?
Plasticus is a telepathic amulet between past and future, between surface and depth, entre la energía y la materia, between our world and the underworld